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Naming Exo-worlds

  • constovich by constovich moderator

    The International Astronomical Union (IAU) has begun a project to name 20-30 exo-worlds from a list of 305 exo-worlds characterized prior to 31 December 2008. Planet Hunters, as an astronomy club has registered and been accepted to take part in this project. The process is described here:

    In short, IAU has begun the process by narrowing the list of potential exo-planets to be named to 305 and worked with the zooniverse team to establish a website to coordinate the project. Upcoming milestones:

    • January 2015: clubs or non-profit organisations vote for the 20–30 top ExoWorlds they wish to name out of the list provided by the IAU. The actual number will depend on how many groups have registered.
    • February 2015: clubs or non-profit organisations send in proposals for the names of members of these selected ExoWorlds (including the host star), based on the rules in the IAU Exoplanet Naming Theme, together with a detailed supporting argument for their choice. Each group is allowed to name only one ExoWorld. More details on this stage will be given later.
    • June 2015: the general public votes to rank the proposed names. The IAU and Zooniverse will be ready to handle a million votes or more worldwide.
    • July 2015: the IAU, via its Executive Committee Working Group on the Public Naming of Planets and Planetary Satellites, oversees the final stages of the contest, and validates the winning names from the vote.
    • 3–14 August 2015: the results are announced at a special public ceremony held during the IAU XXIX General Assembly in Honolulu, USA.

    Expect to hear more soon!


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    Thanks constovich.

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    Please follow this thread for selecting the Exo-world.

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