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Ideas on Possible Improvements

  • catofbluemoon01 by catofbluemoon01


    I was just thinking that since there are so many different types of light curves, maybe the Spotter's Guide should be expanded. For instance, I would like it to cover all the different light curves that are mentioned as #hashtags. I would love to be able to see examples of light curves that should be marked #variable, #cv, #rrlyrae, #cepheid, #heartbeatstar, and a clarifying definition of how to identify #eclipsingbinary stars and #starspots on the light curves in the Spotter's Guide.

    I really think having things like these in the Spotter's Guide, and thus readily available, would genuinely help users. Additionally, I was thinking that a little more variety in the #transitingplanets these examples show would be cool, and I believe it would be very helpful if the examples hand them marked, so it's easier for people to learn what transits look like. Also, if there's a difference between #gaps and #glitches, perhaps that should be listed? Or if it already is, then I think it should be put in a more easily visible location, because I personally am still quite confused about that.

    My last idea is that, once you get to the comment section where you can list your #hashtags and comments on the subject/light curve you just looked through, maybe it could be changed so that the light curve itself can be easily referenced? I know I, for one, have sometimes partially forgotten something that I was planning on adding to my comment, but there was nothing I could do to look at the light curve clearly again. I think it would be really awesome if there was a button to either back out of the comment and return to the light curve, to minimize the light curve, or to open up the light curve above/below the commenting window so that it can be readily referenced while writing out the #hashtags.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this! I'm interested to see if anyone else agrees or has more thoughts/ideas to add. 😃


  • hawaiisunfun by hawaiisunfun

    I really wish this project has the daily and total statistics that other projects have. That will show progress of this project, how much is left, and whether this project is still alive or not. Otherwise, people abandon it thinking the project's 'dead'.