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Audio piece - looking for Citizen Scientists to interview

  • mrniaboc by mrniaboc admin, scientist

    Neil Stoker is a Science Communication student from Imperial College preparing an audio piece about Citizen Science focused on the Zooniverse project. Having interviewed Chris Lintott and Sally Shuttleworth, he'd like to meet up with 'real' Citizen Scientists for a short interview. Any project is fine, and it would need to be done within the next 2 (ideally next 1) weeks. Neil lives in London, and can travel within reason. If you can help, please contact him at


  • alien333 by alien333

    Hi Neil,
    Hope you found someone to interview.
    I've been away from the site for a long while, so I guess it is too late to offer assistance.
    I'm in Warwickshire if I can be of any help.