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  • Subject APH00018vj

    KEPLER 8006924 Yellow Star Transit ,Saturn Shape, Star area 0.9991-8.25 Quarter 1-1/ 5 Months Ago at Star Area 0.9988-7.93. Quarters 1-1

  • Subject APH000071y

    Bright Vivid Orange Transit Area 1.0003-9.29

  • Subject APH000071y

    KEPLER STAR 12352115 Is Looking Very Active With Corner Dark Transits. Some Blue Areas.Clearly Orange Dot Middle of Star.

  • Subject APH00017qw

    #glitch Star has some Mars-like Orange 0.9999-3.12. Bright White Areas at the Side of the Star 0.9994-16.9.Kepler 9223461

  • Subject APH00018kw

    #cv Yellow and White in many Areas, 0.9993-7.3 Days. Some Red areas Side of Star.0.9982-12.5 Days

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