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What does the Q1-1 mean?

  • HarrisonCorey by HarrisonCorey

    I just started today and I have had lots of fun with this site, but when commenting Q1-1 or Q7-2 will pop up in the text box, what does it mean? is it a reference point to something I highlighted? but that does not make sense because if I highlight more than one thing, only one of the codes appear... any help is nice,

    Also if this is the wrong place to be asking questions let me know, thanks!


  • zoo3hans by zoo3hans

    Dear Corey

    well, with the original Kepler mission, the observation were taken in "quarters", about 90 days staring at the target field, then stop for downloading the data to ground. This website did divide the stretch of data into slabs of about 30 days to present it to us to detect possible transits. So "Q1-1" means the first 30 days of data of Quarter_1. There is also a Q1-2 and Q1-3, then comes Q2-1, Q2-2, and so. I hpe this helps.

    Yours, Hans Martin