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Star type what is happening here? APH00010g0

  • Sim1N by Sim1N

    starting in q1-1 star is irregular pulsating with freq about 1 day freq. slows down by 9-1 then slowly starts getting faster until around 16-n's where it increases again to approx. 1/2 day freq. gets more irregular smaller peaks. at which point in the last quarter available 17-1 it suddenly quits pulsing and goes into a more steady variable state.


  • davidbundy77 by davidbundy77

    In my opinion, the irregular dips in brightness are probably caused by starspots. Sometimes there is a periodicity of about 0.6-0.7 days which is probably the rotational period of the star. The period disappears sometimes when the activity of the star wanes.

    The last quarter 17-1 has a glitch which stretches the vertical scale. Bearing this in mind, the activity in the last quarter is not much different to the rest of the curve. The increase in brightness at the end looks artificial to me and is maybe caused by data processing problems after the glitch.