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C4 and C5 completed ?

  • ruprechtludwig by ruprechtludwig

    why is it we're no more feeded with K2 data please ?we're presented old stuff ...I'm no more able to be off any help doing my own classification in my garage without feedback 😉 .... I suppose the batch is complete, somehow frustrating...


  • tsboyajian by tsboyajian scientist

    The K2 campaigns target a very small number of stars (~15,000) compared to the nominal Kepler mission (~150,000), and each K2 campaign is only ~90 days long. When K2 data becomes available, we post it to Classify in Planet Hunters, but data set is exhausted in a few weeks (all classifications have been completed). When this happens, we go back to showing data from the nominal mission. In all the time Planet Hunters has been around, we have only classified about half of the data from the nominal mission, and we have discovered dozens of new planets in it -- this means that there are dozens more still waiting to be found!