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  • sharayu.borse by sharayu.borse

    Hello, I am an engineer and am hoping to work in this field in my career. Can you guys guide me with how I can get an internship in this field. I am very curious about the working of space. Also I personally love mathematics. Recently i have been reading about the extra terrestrial life and would love to have some experience in this area or related field too.


  • hawaiisunfun by hawaiisunfun

    Well, maybe I can help. You might want to look for an internship through NASA (not sure where you live to give further details): , an aerospace company: , maybe Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrup Grumman, Raytheon, or even DARPA: The issue is that aerospace is unfortunately heavily connected with defense and good luck trying to separate the two in the private sector. Maybe if you don't want to risk getting involved in the military, academic settings work best. Maybe try for internships at your or other nearby schools (and be sure to have something in mind, look for the right professors to talk to, and see which method (course, college credit, academic journal article publish, scholarship...) would work to achieve your goals. Maybe it requires multiple methods. I'd just draw a plan of the internship idea and then set out to accomplish it. Hope you get there 😃