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perfect pattern

  • KC_99 by KC_99

    what does this show?


  • ajamyajax by ajamyajax

    VSX has this listed as a Rotating ellipsoidal variable (ELL) with a period of 0.518607:

    Dist. ' Name AUID Coords (J2000) Const. Var. type Period (d) Mag. range

    0.00 Variable KID 09178425 -- 19 58 28.26 +45 30 51.7 Cyg ELL 0.518607 13.690 - ? Kp

    "ELL: Rotating ellipsoidal variables. These are close binary systems with ellipsoidal components, which change combined brightnesses with periods equal to those of orbital motion because of changes in emitting areas toward an observer, but showing no eclipses. Light amplitudes usually do not exceed 0.1 mag. in V."


  • rrforesman by rrforesman

    This system needs to be examined further. Really interesting patterns especially as the pertain to the variables.