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Magnitude change from -6.6 to +10 over a period of less than 20 days

  • adahn1986 by adahn1986

    I haven't seen numbers like this before. First off, the scale is crazy. in Q1-1 the star starts off seemingly as your everyday variable star, oscillating around a relative magnitude of 1. Things start to look fishy between days 24 and 25, when magnitude dips first to -0.3 and then to -6.6. At 27 and 28.5 there are dips to -0.6 and then to 0.4 close to day 30, but otherwise it seems normal.

    Q1-2 is where things start to get interesting. There are dips followed by increases from days 1-10, but then day 12 happens. There's a slight rise, then a drop that shoots up spectacularly to +10. Another increase to +9 happens after day 18. After that, there are a couple blips but it mostly tapers off.

    Q1-3 is just a mess. What happened to this poor star?