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APH0000pj7 - K2 Star Curious 2 day Transit

  • NotUrAvgPerspicillum by NotUrAvgPerspicillum

    If a vertical dip in brightness is a transit like viewed above and the x-axis is really in days, how can there be such a regular pattern of transits every two days. Are there stars with planets whose orbits are two days, or multiple planets passing every two days? Or is the telescope/EMI swaying back and forth while an obstructing object is steadily in the way?


  • Diavire by Diavire

    I think I read that there are indeed planets that orbit that fast.

    What's odd in this one is that there is a much less pronounced wobble than in the examples given for eclipsing binaries.

    But the dip is far too large to be a planet.

    Would be interesting if someone with someone with some actual knowledge could shed some light on it. 😃


  • davidbundy77 by davidbundy77

    ID 210470747 Yes, this is an eclipsing binary. Also listed here

    There are also several bright outliers which might be glitches.


  • IcedRain by IcedRain

    What do you think about flares in Q1-1 and weaker flares in Q1-3? Glitch?