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KID 5630212 seems to have giant eclipses

  • zoo3hans by zoo3hans

    Long dips (well visible in Q16 for example), it seems to be a giant Eclipsing Binary. See also


  • JKD by JKD

    Agree with zoo3hans, KID 5630212 is an EB; see also "old talk“


  • Shellface by Shellface

    Looking at SIMBAD, it looks like the rotational variability was noticed before Kepler (HAT lightcurve, ASAS lightcurve), but the very shallow transits weren't. Though a lot of Kepler's bright giant EBs have been studied in literature, this one hasn't. If we assume that the companion is an early M-dwarf (based on the transits and eclipses having roughly the same depth, and the host being an M-giant), then the giant should have a radius of 10 - 15 Rsol, which sounds plausible.