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KID 8561063 - KOI 961 - Kepler-42 - APH000053n

  • zoo3hans by zoo3hans

    Small star with 3 confirmed small planets.

    K00961.01, P1=1.2137703 days, R1=0.87 R_Earth,

    K00961.02, P2=0.4532875 days, R2=0.92 R_Earth,

    K00961.03, P3=1.8651086 days, R3=0.69 R_Earth.


  • Shellface by Shellface

    it seems a close companion star caused some light blending.

    Do you have a source for that? Because even though the star is magnitude 16, there are no similarly bright stars nearby.

    I think what you are alluding to is one of the main issues with observation of such a small star is that its transits are extremely short - this one's are 20 - 30 minutes long, which is similar to the Kepler long-cadence exposure time (29-and-a-bit minutes). This distorts the transit profile by making it more V-shaped, which results in the modelled transit having a higher impact parameter (often over 1), thus making the modelled transiting bodies' radii larger than they actually are to a significant degree. This was exemplified in a recent paper.

    Thus, the smaller radii remain correct.


  • zoo3hans by zoo3hans


    You're right, I confused the star with another one in the paper , I have now put in the numbers from'CANDIDATE'