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  • mschwamb by mschwamb scientist

    Hi Everyone,

    In this thread, please share your thoughts and suggestions on features you think might be useful to have on the classify interface or in this version of Talk. I can't promise we'll be able to do everything, but we'll definitely consider all your suggestions (so please do post).




  • arvintan by arvintan

    Hi Meg,

    I've noticed that the zoom feature is more restrictive than the usual. The y axis can't be adjusted. Can't we have both axes controllable?

    All in all though, the site is neat. The integration of data in the Talk star pages is awesome.

    Btw, will the old Talk be retired?


  • mschwamb by mschwamb scientist in response to arvintan's comment.

    We talked a lot about the y-axis zoom and felt from reviewing light curves in the new interface we didn't really need an adjustable y just and an adjustable x-axis. We changed the way we set the y-range for the light curve instead. So likely for the time being we don't be changing to having both axes controllable,. We will be adding in ability to zoom in Talk on the light curve plots, so it may be possible to add that feature in there. I can mention that to the team.

    Old Talk is not being retired any time soon. It's never going away, it's a vast resource of information and discovery so the content will be staying up for as long as the Zooniverse is around. We've had no discussions of closing it down, it will still live and people can post there for the foreseeable future (and if the star shown in this version of Planet Hunters was shown on old Planet Hunters) then there are links from the subject page on this Talk to old Talk.




  • arvintan by arvintan

    Is it possible to have a left or right arrow button to progressively switch between images in the star page? I miss the easy scan feature of the star page in the old Talk where I can do so using arrow keys.


  • rocky1221 by rocky1221

    Hey Meg.........

    In general, the new interface is more user friendly and much easier to make Comments as well as to access and use Talk. I also like all of the light curve quarters available in the same place so you can make additional comments on the star other than the quarter that was presented to you in classifying. Thank you!

    Here's an improvement suggestion when classifying.........
    One thing I've noticed that I have to keep doing over and over is typing in the hashtags in the 140-letter comments. Is it possible to have a selectable list of popular hashtags pop up in a window when someone types in "#" when making a comment so we don't have to type each hashtag out every time? Another and maybe better way to do this might be the way the iPhone makes suggestions. Like when starting to type "#tr", the suggestion "#transit" or "#transitingplanet" would pop up and all you have to do to select it is touch the space bar and it's automatically added. This might make things go faster and might tend to standardize the hashtags and avoid misspellings which would populate the hashtags with multiple misspelled versions of the same hashtag.

    Thanks again for making the PlanetHunters site more user friendly!