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Is this still working?

  • Hildifons by Hildifons

    From time to time I come back and classify some light curves, but I wonder if I'm wasting my time. There's no feedback from the project leaders. Is someone checking our classifications? I haven't seen any new papers in a while, nor updates on the boards, blog or Facebook page.
    Some feedback would be reassuring. Thanks!


  • Telmomachadodelphi by Telmomachadodelphi

    Good evening, I was watching the video on youtube of Dr.Tabetha Boyajian, I could not understand the tutorial of the site, the example placed. above the amount of points would be the capture of the light of the star being observed, and the points below would be indication that it lost the light? for reasons of something blocking this light? Thanks for replying, and sorry to enter your topic, because your question is different.


  • hawaiisunfun by hawaiisunfun

    The lack of daily statistics makes people confused and alienated. The only reason why I know what I send continuously is used and relevant, is because plenty of places are taking notice and are running with the data provided. Many academics publish papers on it, Congress wants us to focus more on exoplanets, and NASA is helping to send a star shade to an exoplanet system to study it better. So keep up the good work. Even though we're in the unknown while working on this website, just know that your efforts are going through to receivers of this info. Also, there are links in the talk to show the progress made here placed into databases.

    Here are where you can find the links and news (my contributions are the most recent):