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Behind the light curve screen is a planet transitioning, but it's distracting

  • librastrahl by librastrahl

    Is there a way to make the screen less opaque, preferably not opaque at all? I mean, it looks cool, but sometimes in cases where there is a lot of noise, the background interferes with my ability to scan for patterns. It's just two colors, but for some with disorders like mine (ASD. Autism Spectrum Disorder), even the slightest distraction can make a huge difference. I don't want to make a mistake, as I hope to be as much help as possible.


  • emily.safron by emily.safron

    Just to be clear, it sounds like you actually mean you want the interface to be more opaque, less transparent. Is that correct? This is something I wouldn't have even thought about. Thank you for bringing it up! I'll see about introducing new interface options.


  • viuh by viuh

    Agree, spotted this same thing already with couple first items already, even one does get used to it. Please remove/change that background image or as mentioned have the actual comparison area backround in solid color. Thank you. 😃