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Some UI / UX suggestions

  • decksterr by decksterr

    I really like the site, the idea and the concept behind it. The classifying experience is enjoyable in itself.

    But what comes after could really be improved upon imo.

    • enhance the profile pages with stats about how many sets we've classified, a ratio of how many simulated transits we've spotted and, if possible, it would be really nice to get a ratio of how many actual transits we've successfully tagged.

    • maybe a user ranking (to foster the gaming, fun and challenge aspects of the project) ?

    • make it clearer how and what for the data we provide is being used

    • the "Talk" page could use a redesign, the ui seems to be taken from a 2000ish site, the portal is somewhat confusing, and it's frustrating not to be able to easely find a community hub for the project.


  • JuanGallego by JuanGallego

    It'd be easier to identify if you could zoom out the Y axis.


  • zoo3hans by zoo3hans in response to JuanGallego's comment.

    Dear Juan

    yes, I complained about this years ago, and they seem unable to provide a fix (or rather they are not willing to change anything on the user interface). Quite annoying really...

    Kind regards, Hans Martin