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30-Days of Data Only?

  • rmackinnon by rmackinnon

    Most of the subjects I'm getting only are displaying 30-days of data. E.g. Sample shown shows clearly variable star, but only shows 30 days no transits. After marking "no transits", I see listed in the discussion "transit @ day 62". After this happening several times, I begin to really take notice of the number of days per subject, and noted they are all 30-day. Am I just getting really lucky and getting all 30-day subjects and this a false positive issue. Or is this an actual issue with the browser/OS I'm on?

    Really don't want to continue cataloging if there is a problem, and marking things as "No Transits".

    Running Mac OSX, and browsing with Chrome version 50.0.2661.102 (64-bit)


  • kisfred by kisfred

    Each light curve is separate in 17 or 20 parts. (stars have been observed 4 years long)
    The 30-days long "subject" is one of the part, (marqued Q-4-1 , Q4-2, aso.)
    But you can read the discussions and all #uselessHastags that each hunter posted, along all the quarters of the curve, not just for the one you've just classified.
    When you spot a transit, you can go to the other quarters of the curve, by clicking on "Dicuss on Talk".
    So, you can estimate the period of the transit you spotted, by looking at the différent quarter.
    (And… some of the quarter are longer, about 80 days)