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NewBee help

  • bentleychuckle by bentleychuckle

    I would like to help, but not sure what's happening. After I did the short walkthrough I seem to be in some type of loop where I'm shown some data, which also seems to be another tutorial, but I can't be sure. The feedback on this second part gives very little info except for showing a #hashtag that I could use and a pattern, which has no baring with data that was previously shown. Maybe an UPDATED video tutorial is needed the one that I found on Vimeo is very old.


    also a tutorial on how do you spot the difference between a Transit and SunSpot


  • kisfred by kisfred

    Hello I'm quite new to planet hunter too. The second tutorial give some explanation about the classification of the star through the general shape of the lightcurve. I suggest to not focus over this and try to find some evidence of transit. (the #hastag-thing is quite useless) I've observed only 5000 curves and I begin to understand how a transit could be spotted. You may read old discussions of this forum, some other explanations could be found


  • kjbieder by kjbieder

    I was wondering about a "skip" button to skip the current spectrum on my screen. I don't trust my NewBee mental acuity to hit the "no transit" detected button, when I might have missed something in the pattern.


  • JRSchmitt by JRSchmitt

    Hello, there. Sorry for the delay.

    There won't be any skip button added because we've determined that people's thoughts are generally correct, even when they think the transit is marginal. Don't worry about being wrong on occasion either. We have 10 people look at each light curve, and we weight user classifications based on how good they are at finding the simulated planets.