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Old talk, old interface and feedback

  • Petzy by Petzy

    Hi all,
    At the time of the "Old Planet Hunters", we used to know how many stars we had classified and we used to have some kinf of feedbacks about our personnal work and "discoveries".
    It's not the same with the new "Planet Hunters". And it's a bit disapointing for the hunters who doesn't even know if their work is useful and/or well or bad doned 😦
    I'm still classyfing with some pleasure. But a ord or two from the scientific team without digging in the talk would be very pleasant.


  • kisfred by kisfred

    I'm a new PH, and I agree with the feeling there is very few interactions on this site


  • JRSchmitt by JRSchmitt

    Sorry about this. All of us on the science team are juggling multiple projects, of which Planet Hunters is one. This means that we're not always the most timely on the forums here. We're trying to revitalize the science team right now by having more regular meetings. That said, we continue to use all of your classifications, which remains very useful to us. For me, personally, Planet Hunters has been the source of all 3 completed papers of my thesis so far and will be contributing to the 4th too (out of 5 planned papers total in my thesis), so even though we might not be as communicative as we would like, the work you do is still very important to us.

    Additionally, there are some users who independently search through new K2 data all on their own and work on it themselves too, if you ever want to go above and beyond the classification interface and get involved even more.

    Again, sorry about the feedback. I think maybe we need to expand our science team. (First year graduate students next semester, perhaps?)