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variable stars

  • ponnuki by ponnuki

    After doing a classification, one gets to see:

    "While you are classifying keep an eye out for unusual lightcurves and tag them with a hash tag on talk!"

    And one example of such an "unusual lightcurve" is given. However, could I have a place where I can get an actual overview of the types of variable stars we might encounter, and what their lightcurves look like? That would make it much easier to put down something useful describing those variable stars - and probably also to recognize when something really out of the ordinary appears.


  • zoo3hans by zoo3hans

    What about ?


  • sherwindavs900 by sherwindavs900

    I'm new here and I want to ask something. What does the #variable mean?


  • klangon88 by klangon88

    It would really be helpful to the newbies if there was a single page containing the list of hashtags and their corresponding sample images to refer to.

    Additionally, is there a "back" button from the comment submission screen? Many a time, I wanted to return to the lightcurve but could not.


  • Edwardknight by Edwardknight

    I agree a list will definitely be helpful a master key list will help both researchers and scientist determine the best targets to focus on.