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How about a back button to return to the star?

  • gabefriedman by gabefriedman

    After reading others' comments, i'm curious to see the curve again; but i can't see how to return to it.


  • Philsky by Philsky

    good idea


  • JRV98 by JRV98

    YES please that would be great. right now I click on discuss this star in order to catch another glimpse of it and while it works, its a bit cumbersome and extra step


  • ronaldbeal by ronaldbeal

    If you click on the"discuss on Talk" button (right hand side) it will display the image, plus the other available quarters will also be available to compare.


  • 01xyzLiana'sEternity by 01xyzLiana'sEternity

    I feel the data will be skewed based on other's interpretations. Just like people like to homogenize in society or pick the majority's side in simple elections. We need your unique and best interpretation of the data.


  • Mitch56 by Mitch56

    gabefriedman excellent idea. While I'm reading the comments I often ask myself "what are you seeing that I'm not" but can't jump back quickly at that point.

    01xyzLiana'sEternity People are going to do that anyway. If what you say is really a concern then they should remove others comments from everyone else view.