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I have an answer from the team regarding the issues

  • MrPapillon by MrPapillon

    Hey, here is the answer:

    "It looks like all the publicity caused the project to burn through all of it's data.
    We've reactivated some for educational purposes and the team is looking at getting more uploaded."

    So it is not a "bug", only that all the data got processed and that the app isn't able to refeed itself.



  • DZM by DZM admin

    Can confirm.

    enter image description here

    Things got kind of crazy for a bit. 😃 And it's still going on the educational data, although there are certainly many awesome projects with live data that need help, too!

    EDIT: Actually, I've checked and apparently it's not just for educational purposes... more classifications are still super helpful to the team. So please keep planet hunting! 😃


  • gnfugate by gnfugate

    ah ha that explains it. Thanks!