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Large Glitches

  • Padawunks by Padawunks

    Hello All!

    I'm relatively new to the Zooniverse, and I am most active in the planet hunters project. I have noticed very large gaps (glitches) in many if not all of the data sets I have tried to classify today,

    I have simply brought this to the communities attention in the event this is an issue on the Zooniverse side of things. I understand that if this is a problem with the satellite itself that Zooniverse obviously can't do much, but I haven't seen glitches this widespread since I've been classifying.

    I thought I might bring this to the teams attention in hopes of simply finding out what the problem is. I apologize if I have overlooked anything obvious.




  • Hildifons by Hildifons

    I think since we've already analyzed most of the available data sets we are now "scraping the barrel for leftovers" until new data arrives.