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Light Curve Scaling

  • afarrell727 by afarrell727

    It might be helpful to allow users to set the scale of the light curves. I would find it useful anyway. Maybe including alerts to show when there is data out of range. OR setting up each star to have a set scale for the light curves based upon all data for that star.


  • zoo3hans by zoo3hans in response to afarrell727's comment.

    Of course they should have done this! We asked for this feature for years, but nothing happened - it's rather frustrating.
    Instead they implemented this annoying fading "1 x (all days)" over the light curve which prevents us for quick looks at the light curves. Also they have only a red line for the Y-axis, but none for the X-axis (the date) which would be much more helpful for me to precisely pin down a transit feature. Sigh.


  • weegreenblobbie by weegreenblobbie

    STD units on the y-axis would also really rock