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Feature request

  • preamp by preamp

    Hi there!

    While marking transients along, two things came to my mind which might be helpful:
    First one: A vertical 'red ruler' which slides along with the cursor while it's at the top or bottom of the graph. Basically like the horizontal one that's already there, only vertical 😉. I think this might save some time due to not having to zoom in...
    Second one: Zoom for the vertical scale. I expect this to help with extremely noisy and scattered graphs.
    Shouldn't be too hard to implement, too. What do you guys think?

    Regards from Germany,


  • JKD by JKD

    That’s also what I am waiting for a long time.
    I’m fully supporting your request


  • zoo3hans by zoo3hans

    Yes. I want a vertical ruler too.


  • Martti_Holst_Kristiansen by Martti_Holst_Kristiansen

    I will second that plus a vertical zoom feature.


  • Dolorous_Edd by Dolorous_Edd



  • mschwamb by mschwamb scientist

    Thanks guys for the feedback. We don't have the funding to add more features at this point. We rebuilt the site taking into as much feedback as we could. We tried to take into account all the comments and suggestions posted on talk about version about the original site. At this point, it's only fixing the bugs we have from launch and other things. If there is funding in the future and we get development time to make more significant changes, we'll take your comments into consideration. Please feel free to keep posting suggestions, if it's small I can try and see if we can eventually make those changes, but larger feature requests will be more difficult.