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Problems with Internet Explorer and Tablets-based browsers

  • mschwamb by mschwamb scientist


    It appears we're having some issues with IE and tablets working with the site. We've extensively tested the site with the Firefox, Chrome, and Safari desktop versions.

    I've informed the development team of the issue, and this is something first thing on Monday morning the Chicago Zooniverse development team with be looking at.

    Apologies for the frustration and the inconvenience. If you're having issues with IE try one of those browsers in the meantime.

    Thanks for your patience during this shake down period for the site.



  • kgans5 by kgans5

    So is it possible to use a tablet?
    I really want to participate on my iPad


  • antonucci_alessandro by antonucci_alessandro

    When I use browser Chrome with my netbook (Windows10) the site works fine. When I try with my Android tablet (Samsung) site doesn't work. Everywhere I touch, it appears only mark on day 1, so I can't mark possible transits. I try with mobile Chrome browser, after with Firefox mobile, but I have the same problem. I hope you can fix it asap.